William A. Rouse

Alta, formerly of Cabot, AR
July 6, 1967 - February 24, 2013

William Alan Rouse was born in Searcy, AR to Dorothy Fay (Hardin) Rouse and Herschel Wayne Rouse.  He was raised in Cabot, AR and graduated from Cabot High School.  It was there that he met his future wife Brooke Stratten in 1984.  The couple was married in 1987 and moved to Alta, Iowa in 1989.  He accepted Christ as his savior in 1986.  

He loved his family by blood and by marriage more than anything.  He also loved basketball and singing.  He would sing with anyone who would sing with him.  He began singing publicly around 1998 and became a regular at karaoke establishments all over Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska.  He earned an audition for America’s Got Talent in Chicago in January 2013.  He was just 10 credits short of earning a business degree at the time of his passing.  William was a truck driver since 1993.

He was preceded in death by his paternal and maternal grandparents; his mother in 2006; and one cousin.

He is survived by his grieving wife of almost 26 years, Brooke Rouse of Alta, IA; father, Herschel Wayne Rouse of Cabot, AR; his father and mother-in-law, A and Fay Swartzentruber; and many, many, many aunts, uncles and cousins; and so many grieving friends, acquaintances, and classmates at college.

A Prayer for Spring


 If one day I must leave this world let it be in the spring.

When cool breezes are kissed by the newborn sun

And crickets awake to sing me to sleep.


The stars go lazy as twilight whispers my name.

Will I remember the sound of it?
Will I respond to it’s feel?

Will the colors bright yet soft enfold me in forgetting?

Will I taste warm rain on my lips that words

No longer need or form.

The returning thunder sounding like

Something remembering something.


Make the lights of the living seem but faint candles

Burning a scent of spring’s memory.


Let the movement of budding trees enchant and 

transform all that I was to dreams.

As I follow their paths of pink, white and purple,

Anchored deep in green.


Give the birdsong a comfort that will ease me

Into this new being that I have become, free and 


All of my promise at last made real.


Brooke Renee Stratten-Rouse

A gift to  my  mother-in-law, Dorothy Rouse

and to my beloved husband